Nemi Ink

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Nemi can also tattoo designs that hold no magical power
Free pinterest designs will be used
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Magic Sigils

Sigils and Runes last until triggered, dispelled or erased
Overusage can disable it
Mages can infuse arcane into them to reactivate
Nemi will be happy to answer your concerns in-character

OOC information

Nemi's work is supposed to alter your character's appearance with a nice explanation as to why they would suddenly changeIt's an excuse why your character would suddenly grow taller or remain perfect despite how time fliesEconomy logic (1 gold = $100)Get one if you're okay with it!


Sigil of Unending Beauty
Removes the signs of aging
A heavy layer of miracle make-up that will make you look
the same age as long as its active
Lasts 1 year
This rune will seal the illusion spell cast upon you

3 gold

Sigil of Reversed Beauty
Turns the bearer into the opposite gender
Lasts 1 year
This rune will seal the illusion spell cast upon you

2 gold

Sigil of weight control
Maintain the current weight no matter what
This rune will seal the illusion spell cast upon you

4 gold

Sigil of Growth
Alchemic combination causes you to grow 5-10 inches
Lasts 1 year
(/roll 5 for height gained)

5 gold

Sigil of Shrinking
Alchemic combination causes you to shrink 5-10 inches
Lasts 1 year
(/roll 5 for height lost)

5 gold


Sigil of Second Chance
Saves bearer from next serious injury.

3 gold

Sigil of Fair Fight
Saves bearer from next first unexpected strike
Whether its poison or assassin's bullet
Must be tattooed with blue ink

3 gold

Sigil of Sanity
Protects the bearer's mind from the mind magic
Must be tattooed with purple ink

15 gold

Sigil of Sober Mind
Alchemic combination to save you from getting hungover
Lasts 1 year
Not of use if you're a dwarf

5 gold

Sigil of Third Eye
Protects your pockets from thieves
Paralyzing current shielding your pockets

5 gold


unavailable yet


Nemia will use studs with very small black crystalsEnchanted piercings soon!


Price per one

Lobe - 20 silver
Helix - 20 silver
Cartilage - 30 silver
Vertical lobe - 30 silver
Rook - 30 silver
Tragus - 30 silver
Conch - 40 silver
Anti-tragus - 40 silver
Snug - 40 silver
Industrial - 40 silver


Eyebrow - 60 silver
Nostril - 60 silver
Septum - 60 silver
Lip - 60 silver


Tongue - 80 silver
Smiley - 80 silver
Tongue web - 1 gold
Upper lip web - 1 gold


Regular - 1 gold
Inverse navel - 1 gold 30 silver
Navel surface - 1 gold 30 silver

Other 'parts'

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